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Exhibit Ideas

Listed below are some of the things we'd like to have in our collection. Maybe you can help us get them or collaborate to create them?

MODELS Wave power model, Ground source heat pump model, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) model, Cavity wall insulation cut away model, Door and window frame draft excluder model, Roof insulation cut away model,

INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS Pedal powered generator, Cycling Arcade Game

PROPS Giant water tap, Giant water plug, Giant electric plug, Giant low energy light bulb, Wind turbine head, Life size animatronic cyclist, Giant bin/wheelie bin, Cut away compost bin, inflatable worms (compost promotions), inflatable 'nappy mountain' (real nappy promotions).

COSTUMES Energy Efficiency Mascot, Water Saving Macot, Waste Minimiser Mascot, Recycling Mascot, Travel Mascot, Healthy food Mascot�

DEMONSTRATION KIT electric car, hybrid car, fuel cell generator, wormery, Recycled product pack (collection of commercially available products, Eco paint sample swatch board, Real nappy sample board

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