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the collection > Retired

Renewable Power Pod

The Renewable Power Pod was a small teardrop trailer clad with flexible solar panels with an optional wind generator.  It was used to transport exhibits and power them. After many years faithful service the trailer developed a leak and began to deteriorate. With limited funds available we decided to sell the trailer for refurbishment.

renewable power pod trailer

Climate Denial Brain Washer

A creation for Glastonbury Festival 2010, the climate denial brainwasher offered to 'cleanse the mind of manufactured confusion'.  Users sat and relaxed listening to extracts from climate science papers from peer reviewed journals set to  music.  A fun retort and antedote to the organised climate denial machine.

We were pleased for the support from desmogblog who provided copies of the excellent book Cimate Cover-up which documents the strategies and tactics used by various interests to cast doubt about global warming. 

Though retired from service, we still have the main parts of the climate denial brain washer exhibit.  In theory it could be rebuilt! We reused the electronics and audio player to make the smaller 'Your Future' machine. 

climate denial brainwasher climate denail brainwasher in use


Electric Bike

One of our first exhibits was an electric bike - a lightweight, folding model fitted with a hub mounted pedal assist electric motor. Unfortunately this was not one of our most popular exhibits - we've learned a lot since the early days! The bike was eventually retired to become a regular commuter bike!

electric bike in use
photo credit: alan lipscombe
hub motor on electric bike
photo credit: alan lipscombe
folded electric bike
photo credit: alan lipscombe

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