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the collection > solar electricity

How Solar Electricity Works

The 'How Solar Electricity Works' exhibit is comprised of an clear acrylic dome containing a  model house fitted with solar cells.  The cells are connected to both a volt meter and ammeter to show the voltage and current and a small motor which spins when light shines. solar dome model

photo credit: Alan Lipscombe

photo credit: Alan Lipscombe

The exhibit includes display panels to explain how silicon solar cells work, as well as a solar electricity 'time-line' to highlight some key dates in the history of solar cells.

solar electricty display

photo credit: Alan Lipscombe

The 'How Solar Elecricty Works' display was created thanks to a grant from the Institute of Physics as part of the celebration of Einstein™ Year 2005.

einstein year logo

EINSTEIN and other marks™ Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Represented by The Roger Richman Agency, Inc.,

Portable Solar Power Station

A portable, fully working solar power system. The system is comprised of a 10 Watt mono-crystaline solar panel with integral stand, and a 12 Volt/7Ah rechargeble battery with charge regulator. The system is delvered in small flight case fitted to a trolley with extending handle. Simply unlock the case, remove the panel and connect it to the inbuilt regulator. The unit includes two 'cigarette lighter'-type sockets and a usb power port to power small electrical devices. It can be supplied with two led lanterns.

portable solar power system

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