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the collection > 'Whole in One' crazy golf

"Whole in One" Crazy Golf

The 'Whole in One' - is a three hole environmentally themed crazy golf course. The game features three themed holes with players making choices on route. Topics include fossil fuels, traffic congestion and wind power. The exhibit can be set up on grass or hard surfaces. It features a carpet playing surface and cushioned underlay

Whole in One at Landed Festival

You can see the first hole of the Whole in One in action on our Youtube channel

Support for this exhibit

The exhibit was created with the input of Alan Lipscombe, Bryan Lipscombe, Vicky Lipscombe, Janet Lipscombe, Will Griffin, Julia Colley, Ed Serle, 


The 'Whole in One' was financially supported in part by a crowd funding campaign developed with the active involvement of students from the University of Chester. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following supporters:

Whole in One sponsors

Anne Tansley Thomas

Bryan Lipscombe

Masters Sponsor

Margaret Campbell

Additional support to complete the exhibit came from a small grant from the Lush Charity pot scheme.

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