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the collection > solar hot water

Flat Plate Solar Hot Water System

A quarter-size working model of a solar hot water system.  The package includes a  quarter-size collector panel from Solartwin with stand, solar electric pump, connecting pipes and a bucket.  Simply set it up outside, fill the bucket with cold water (you may need to refill with cold water if it gets to hot!) 

Solar water heater at Urban Forum workshop

Photo credit: Tom Veitch

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work (flat plate)

An interactive panel that enable users to explore the principles used to capture the Sun's energy in a flat plate solar collector.  The panel includes four 'touch' points to illustrate the impact of different aspects of a flat plate collectors design.  Central to each point is a metal square linked to a digital thermometer. 


  solar thermal energy interactive

The 'how solar hot water systems work' interactive has been created thanks to the support of the Institute of Physics Institute of Physics Logo

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Demo Rig

A display showing the main components of an evacuated tube solar collector.  It includes three 'mini' evacuated tubes in a section of manifold along with a solar panel controller.  This unit can be plugged in (240 volt mains) in order to light a bulb.  The bulb will begin to heat one of the tubes and the rising temprature will show on the controller display.

evacuated tube demo rig solar panel controller


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